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Elimination of negative information for a company engaged in the purchase of radio components


The company engaged in the purchase of radio components has been operating for 5 years. The company employees made some mistakes since the beginning of operation that led to a negative attitude towards the whole company. Negative reviews were written on the review sites about the company. The company corrected the mistakes were made by the time of contacting our agency; nevertheless, the negative opinion expressed in negative reviews remained with the company.


1. Providing feedback to customers who wrote negative reviews, explaining that these shortcomings have been fixed.

2. Removing and crowding out negative reviews by filling in positive ones.

Stages of work:

1. We analyzed the company's reputation in the Internet and identified the problem areas.

2. Report was provided to the client, got the work plan approved, indicated the problem points which are worth paying attention to.

3. We prepared the required tools for proper work: authoritative accounts, high quality and informative reviews.

4. We create a feedback system for each negative review, we eliminated most of the negative reviews with the provision of reasonable facts.


Some customers who left negative reviews deleted them by themselves due to the implementation of feedback. Potential customers saw that the company began to carry out its activities much better, the number of partners and clients of the company increased as a result.

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