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Promotion for the company engaged in the installation of water purifiers


НThere is no secret that most people try to make a research about the product as full as possible before purchasing it. Since there are almost no reviews about the company z on the internet, therefore, there are quite few potential customers. This company provides high quality services using proven equipment; therefore, it is necessary to report its existence at various websites to increase the demand.


1. Filling various websites with hidden advertising by promotion different brand and mentioning this company.

2. Filling out review websites with positive feedbacks directly about the company service experience.

3. Description of advantages over other companies involved in the installation of cleaning systems.

4. Launching work on promotion in social networks.

Stages of work:

1. We analyzed the company's reputation in the internet and identified problem areas.

2. Report was provided to the client, got the work plan approved, indicated the problem points which are worth paying attention to.

3. The company was added to the required websites, directories, geo-services as part of a planned strategy with the subsequent maintenance of a positive image.

4. We prepared the required tools for proper work: authoritative accounts, high quality and informative reviews.

5. Necessary objects were revealed and elements of hidden advertising were implemented.

6. We launched an advertising company on social networks VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram.


Through the implementation of hidden advertising, as well as promoting a group on a social network, a client learns about the existence of the company by reading a review about a product, thereby becoming a potential client. The potential client understands that the services are high quality by reading positive reviews, therefore, contact to this company without a doubt. The client notes that in z company the quality of this equipment is higher than others while reading articles comparing the equipment used in this company and in competing organizations. Thus, the number of requests (potential customers) increased by 50%, and the number of signed contracts - by 30% because of our work.

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