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Creating a feedback channel for the hotel guests


One of the global hotel chains had a lot of different information on various review sites due to the large flow of customers. The rating on became much lower due to a change in the concept of the hotel, which, apparently, the customers did not like, and negative reviews also appeared. Employees did not provide competent feedback every time due to heavy workload, which contributed to a decrease in the number of visitors.


1. Organization of professional feedback in the form of responses to customer comments.

2. Creating a system for tracking negative information.

3. Recommendations for resolving the problems that caused the wave of negativity.

Stages of work:

1. We analyzed the company's reputation in the internet and identified problem areas.

2. Report was provided to the client, got the work plan approved, indicated the problem points which are worth paying attention to.

3. We prepared the required tools for proper work: authoritative accounts, high quality and informative reviews.

4. We created a feedback system for each negative review, we eliminated majority of the negative reviews with the provision of reasonable facts.


People saw that the employees of that hotel chain were interested in the wishes of the customers and they are ready to work to eliminate the shortcomings, because of receiving a prompt response to each negative feedback. Employees pointed to improvements made in the areas of prices, service, and bonus program in their feedbacks, which also affected positively the customer experience. As a result, customers stopped leaving negative reviews; instead, feedback questions appeared on reviews sites that did not have a negative attitude.

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