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Integrated reputation management

Reputation management in the internet is about using of integrated specialized methods, which will create a totally new opinion about the brand, services and products. While entrusting the work with the reputation to our company, you can be sure that the amount of positive information regarding your status will ensure the influx of a large number of customers and increase the reputation of your company by eliminating negative reviews and sending them in a positive direction.

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Reputation audit

The research of the company's reputation (reputation audit) is a collection of opinions of the target audience (consumers, partners and competitors, regulatory authorities, the media) in order to find the company's weaknesses and improve its image.

Negative displacement

Unwanted information on, and others scares off up to 60% of potential customers. These are negative articles and reviews, information throws, outdated data.

Reviews and comments

Copywriter composes the informational text for publication on the websites according to your wishes about the length, content and focus of the text. The text uniqueness is 100%.

Rating score improving

Rating is one of the most important indicators of the company. Potential customers, who focuses on the rating, choose one place or another regardless of the type of the company: whether it is a restaurant or hotel. The higher this indicator, the greater the likelihood of attracting new customers, guests, users. It follows that the higher the rating, the greater the trust from users and the better chances of being chosen for this company. Many users are looking for the company with a rating of at least 9 points out of 10; so you will not appear in search query if the rating is 8.9 points.

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Hotels websites

The value of reviews and ratings are becoming more and more important in the global internet systems, especially with considering the primacy of google services in online travel planning around the world.

Travelers websites

Promotion on the largest sites for travelers with the help of reviews and elements of hidden advertising.

Restaurants websites

Promotion on forums and websites with restaurant ratings, displaying objects in the top categories according to the necessary criteria, creating a positive image.

Hidden advertising

Hidden advertising acts as one of the most powerful tools for developing a business, increasing sales and promoting your page, group or website in the internet. Hidden advertising can increase the number of sales in the internet as well as methods of its placement on specialized or popular sites. In addition, a properly selected marketing strategy leads to increasing the number of users on social networks, which positively affects the promotion of your product on the market of goods and services.

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Our manager will tell you about the services in details and answer all your questions.

Sales increasing

Mostly, hidden advertising is aimed at increasing sales of advertised products. The purpose of hidden advertising is to achieve good image positions, as well as attitudes towards it from the target audience and potential consumers.

Customer acquisition

Our business includes the creation of informational events that generate an avalanche-like growth in the number of customers.

Brand recognition increasing

Hidden advertising allows you to create a positive image of the company; it is also aimed at creating recognition of the advertised product or brand during its promoting on the market.

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