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Negative displacement


Unwanted information on, and others scares off up to 60% of potential customers. These are negative articles and reviews, information throws, outdated data.

The most important stage of the work is the negative reviews removal from google search engine and others, since they allow people to find unpleasant information about you, indexing and displaying it as search results.

Our company cooperates with almost all websites where reviews in the internet are concentrated, which allows us to negotiate quickly and neutralize negative information.

We fill the websites with positive reviews about you and put them to the top 10 spots in google and other search engines, which guarantees our customers 100% protection against negativity due to moderation.

Additionally, we promote positive pr articles, news, digests to the top 10 spots in search engines. Promoted positive content occupies the first page of search results, crowds out websites with negative information about you and partially nullify the impact of the negative information from these websites.

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Prising for negative displacement

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