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Helping restaurant of author's cuisine to take the top spot on the best restaurant list


Lack of visitor flow took place in the restaurant of the author's cuisine.


1. Registering this company at popular geo-services, catalog websites and trust websites.

2. Increasing the number of visits to websites where hidden advertising is contained, thereby increasing the number of people aware of this company.

3. Filling the top search queries with positive information.

4. Launching the work of SMM - promotion in social networks.

Stages of work:

1. We analyzed the company's reputation in the internet and identified problem areas.

2. Report was provided to the client, got the work plan approved, indicated the problem points which are worth paying attention to.

3. The company was added to the required websites, directories, geo-services as part of a planned strategy with the subsequent maintenance of a positive image.

4. We prepared the required tools for proper work: authoritative accounts, high quality and informative reviews.

5. Necessary objects were revealed and elements of hidden advertising were implemented.

6. We launched an advertising company on social networks VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram.


The number of table reservations increased 2 days in advance due to promotion of the restaurant in the rating of the best company on well-known websites.

The number of visits increased, subscribers appeared through the joint development of promotions in the restaurant and the launching of an advertising campaign on social networks.

The number of views of hidden ads exceeded 120,000.

The restaurant has reached the top of the best restaurant list on popular websites within 4 months.

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